The Transcontinental

Part 1 of 6 in the series TCR #8

At 22:00 this evening in Geraardsbergen, the 8th edition of the Transcontinental Race begins. I am cap no. 214:

You can follow the race here:

I was hoping to write a but about how I’ve been preparing and how I’m feeling about the whole thing, but predictably I haven’t had the time.

In a couple of weeks’ time I’ll tell my story retrospectively with some better blog posts, but in the meantime here’s a bit about the kit.

I’ll also post updates on Instagram at @willvousden.

What I’m taking

Similar to what I took with me last year to Norway, but with a lot of refinement and adjustment for the different climate.

To summarise the main differences…

On the bike

  • Removed:
    • Mudguards – time to get serious
  • Replaced:
    • Old saddle bag → Restrap Race saddle bag
    • Old frame bag and top tube bags → Restrap Race equivalents
    • Old pump → Silca Tattico, which I am confident will not ruin my day by breaking the valve core
    • Cockpit mounted raspberry box → proper 3D-printed jobby
  • Added:
    • TyreWiz pressure sensors
  • Changed:
    • Handlebars lowered 10 mm, aero bars jacked up 10 mm to compensate

In the luggage

  • Removed:
    • Spare lycra
    • Cold-weather stuff like leg warmers, winter gloves, or overshoes
  • Replaced:
  • Added:
    • Down jacket – using the space freed up by not having the heavier bag
    • Silk liner – for when even the ultra-ultralight sleeping bag is too warm
All my kit

And that’s all I have time to write today!


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